Performance standards and evidence

Performance Standards

The National Regulatory Code for the NRSCH sets out the performance requirements that registered housing providers must comply with in providing community housing under the National Law.

Community housing providers must demonstrate their capacity to comply with the National Regulatory Code on application and once registered, must demonstrate ongoing compliance with the Code.

Evidence Guidelines

The Evidence Guidelines (PDF , 438.5 KB) describe the performance indicators and evidence sources for assessing providers against the National Regulatory Code performance outcomes and requirements for different types of providers (classified as Tier 1, 2 and 3 providers).

For the most part, the Evidence Guidelines rely upon the business documentation and data that community housing providers’ governing bodies would require in order to be satisfied that their community housing delivery is well governed, well managed and financially viable.

The Evidence Guidelines are not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive and the provider may look to alternative business documentation or data. A single evidence source may be listed and used for assessing multiple performance requirements.

Metrics and target values

The NRSCH has established metrics and indicators for operational and financial measures. Data submitted is used to calculate key performance metrics. In order to ensure regulatory activity is targeted at performance outcomes and requirements where more assurance about capacity to comply or compliance is required targets have been included for most of these metrics. The target range is used as an indicative guide to measuring performance results.

The target values do not in isolation determine capacity to comply or compliance. Rather they provide a starting point to assess performance. Where results are below or are trending below a target range providers are encouraged to provide an explanation.

The target values provide a transparent level of performance as a starting point against which performance results can be assessed. The Registrar will seek to understand whether or not the provider is complying with the performance requirement or if the level of performance relates to particular circumstances. In some instances, performance results below the target range may be acceptable in the context of a given provider’s operating environment, business plan and outcomes, or once specific factors affecting the performance results or data have been taken into account. Whether performance below a target range amounts to a lack of capacity to comply will be determined in each case with reference to the particular performance outcome and requirement, the seriousness of the performance concern, and the underlying cause of the performance result.

The performance metrics, target values and where applicable tolerance ranges are set out in the Metrics Information Sheet (PDF , 251.6 KB)

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10 Aug 2022

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