Eligibility to register

An entity that provides or intends to provide community housing can apply to the appropriate Primary Registrar for registration as a community housing provider in a particular category of registration referred to as tier. 

Registration is open to any provider that meets the requirements of the National Law including having:

  • an appropriate corporate structure for their proposed tier of registration
  • mandatory arrangements in place to ensure in the event of wind-up and/or deregistration, that surplus assets remaining after the payment of liabilities continue to be available for social housing
  • a demonstrated capacity to meet and achieve ongoing compliance with the National Regulatory Code.

To make a registration enquiry please use the form below:

Registration requirements 

The Primary Registrar will use the eligibility requirements set out on the Categories of registration (Tier) page on the NRSCH website  and the Evidence Guidelines (PDF , 439.2 KB) when making a decision about registration and appropriate tier of registration.

The Primary Registrar will register the entity if it is satisfied that:

  • the provider will comply with the National Law (including the National Regulatory Code)
  • the provider will comply with any conditions of registration
  • approval is appropriate in the circumstances.

All providers, at the time of applying for registration under the NRSCH must meet the Conditions of registration as per section 15 (2) of the National Law (see Conditions of registration).

Multi-jurisdictional providers

At the time of application, if the housing provider operates or intends to operate in only one state or territory, they must apply to the Registrar acting for that state or territory. If the housing provider operates or intends to operate in more than one state or territory participating in the NRSCH, the Registrars from those states and territories will appoint a Primary Registrar for that provider. The Primary Registrar will oversee all regulatory engagement with that provider.

Providers do not need to register separately in each state or territory. The provider will deal with one Registrar. The Primary Registrar is typically the Registrar for the jurisdiction in which the provider has the majority of its community housing stock.

Last updated:

21 Jun 2023

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