Lodging a complaint with a community housing provider

Registered housing providers must have a mechanism in place for dealing with tenant complaints. Housing providers must also provide tenants with information and help on how to raise complaints with them.

Step 1 – Raise your concerns with the housing provider

Generally complaints will be addressed by the provider without the involvement of the Registrar. It is important when making a complaint to keep written evidence of concerns and any ongoing developments, in case the matter is not resolved.

Step 2 – Lodge a formal complaint with the housing provider

If the concerns have been raised informally with the housing provider, but you are unhappy with the response, you may need to make a formal complaint to the housing provider.

Registered providers must have formal complaint handling processes and policies. When a formal complaint is lodged the housing provider will deal with the complaint in accordance with those policies.

What if I am not happy with the provider’s response to my formal complaint?

If you believe your concerns have not been appropriately addressed by your housing provider, or that your housing provider has not followed its policies and procedures, you may wish to explore other avenues, such as:

  • seeking the support and advice of a tenancy advocacy service, or
  • lodging a claim with your local Residential Tenancy Tribunal within your jurisdiction for matters relating to tenancy, rent, or maintenance issues which cannot be settled amicably between your housing providers  and you, or
  • contacting your local Registrar in those instances where you believe matters are of a serious or sensitive nature. In most cases this will be the Registrar in the State or Territory where the housing property is located. 

What if my complaint is serious or of a sensitive nature?

If you believe a complaint to be of such a serious or sensitive nature that it needs the direct involvement of the Registrar (or other regulatory body) without prior notification to your housing provider, then you should contact your local Registrar’s office. That office will then decide the best way to progress any complaint.

Online form

The National Regulatory System for Community Housing online form can be used for: 

  • General enquiries on the registration process
  • General feedback on the NRSCH
  • Provider notifications
  • Complaints about a registered providers

Last updated:

11 Aug 2022

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